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New blocks added to Obeco's range

New and in stock in our Sydney warehouse, we have some beautiful, versatile and affordable new blocks available in our Mulia range.

All these blocks are in the standard 190 X 190 X 80 size, and 190 X 90 X 80 for the Candi half block.

Visit our Mulia Glass Blocks product page for images of all our Mulia blocks, or come and see us at our Sydney showroom.

Candi and Candi Half blocks

Candi and Candi Half glass blocks


A traditional pattern perfectly suited to heritage projects and modern designs alike. The block is ribbed vertically on one side and horizontally on the other. This blocks was used to replace heritage ribbed glass blocks in our Royal Prince Alfred Hospital project.

Quadra Glass Block


A completely clear, transparent glass block. Recently used in our Rockdale Aquatic Centre project.

Clear Glass Block

Clear Sandblasted One Side

Clear Etched Glass Block

Wave Sandblasted One Side

Wave Sandblasted One Side Glass Block

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