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Heritage glass block restoration at RPA

The restoration of glass blocks in the iconic King George V building at RPA, Sydney, was entrusted to us as the experts in heritage glass block removal and replacement.

The original glass blocks, having served for more than 80 years since the building's construction in the late 1930s, were largely deteriorated beyond repair. Obeco was contracted to remove and replace the glass blocks with a new patterned block (Mulia "Quadra").

The restoration of Sydney's glorious architectural and decorative heritage glass blocks is an incredible privilege and gives us a great deal of satisfaction. Visit our RPA project page for more images.

Stairwells and windows - heritage glass block replacement at RPA, Sydney:

heritage glass blocks/heritage glass bricks

Original heritage glass block, removed from the King George V building, made by joining 2 halves together with lead:

heritage glass block/heritage glass brick

Inside looking out. The newly installed glass block wall at King George V building, RPA, Sydney:

Glass block/ glass brick wall, looking out, RPA King George V.

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