Etched glass blocks at Brix Distillery, Surry Hills

At Brix Distillery in Darlinghurst, Amber Road Design selected the Mulia Clear Etched in the 240 X 240 X 80 size to clad the front of the bar. The glass blocks are front lit from under the bar and the etched finish means that the light isn’t reflected off the surface but absorbed and diffused to create a warm soft tone.

Glass blocks star in Cargo Bar refurbishment

The design team from SJB Interiors, charged with the complete refurbishment of the Cargo Bar on Sydney's King Street Wharf, approached us with an initial concept to use stacked glass blocks in and behind the bar areas, to represent pallets of cargo. After several consultations with us and a full exploration of our glass blocks range, the decision was made to use glass blocks in a more experimental way than first envisaged. The Mulia Toba Half Blocks were chosen; the paint was stripped from the perimeter of each block so that light passes through the blocks in all directions and the glass blocks were laid sideways so that what you see is not the moulded pattern of the face but the seam where

Heritage glass block restoration at RPA

The restoration of glass blocks in the iconic King George V building at RPA, Sydney, was entrusted to us as the experts in heritage glass block removal and replacement. The original glass blocks, having served for more than 80 years since the building's construction in the late 1930s, were largely deteriorated beyond repair. Obeco was contracted to remove and replace the glass blocks with a new patterned block (Mulia "Quadra"). The restoration of Sydney's glorious architectural and decorative heritage glass blocks is an incredible privilege and gives us a great deal of satisfaction. Visit our RPA project page for more images. Stairwells and windows - heritage glass block replacement at RPA,