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La Rochere Glass Blocks
obeco glass blocks - mulia range
obeco glass blocks - la rochere range

La Rocherè Glass Blocks are the highest quality French made glass blocks with a wide range of patterns and feature blocks offering a solution for every glass block project. From fire rated glass block walls to trafficable glass block pavers, there is no limit to what can be achieved using these blocks.

Mulia Glass Blocks offer a great range of traditional and modern patterns to suit any décor. They have the widest range of sizes from 115x115 to 300x300 as well as a series of corner blocks, end blocks and the double end block.

Mulia Glass Blocks
obeco glass blocks - vent windows
Glass Block Vent Windows
Fuchs Design Glass Blocks

Glass block vent windows are made to fit into a glass block panel replacing either 1,2 or 3 glass blocks with a double glazed awning window complete with flyscreen and latch.

Fuchs Design Glass Blocks from Germany are designed and tested to achieve the highest fire rating available in glass blocks with a 2 hour integrity rating and a 2 hour insulation rating. FRL -/120/120

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